Florida Lions Community Hearing Bank

Hearing, Speech, and Aid to the Deaf

About Florida Lions Community Hearing Bank

The Florida Lions Community Hearing Bank was incorporated in the State of Florida on February 19, 1979. The By-laws were signed on March 19, 1979 by then President Bernard Opatosky. PDG Manuel Rodriguez was one of the founders and served also as President and helped found the Ear Institute Benefactors Club.

Originally, the Hearing Bank was associated with the University of Miami Ear Institute. In 1985, it became associated with the Hearing Research Institute. Florida Lions Hearing Bank is currently working with Nova University who will handle the screening, testing, fitting and will also provide the necessary hearing aids that our clients need. We serve the North and South part of our District 35N from Key West to Sebastian, Florida.

All services are free to the client once they have been pre-qualified. Please download the application form and contact a local Lions Club in your area for sponsorship. You can find a local Lions club by searching the Lions Clubs International website at www.Lionsclubs.org.

We provide hearing aids in the ear and behind the ear types. The patients that we have served ranged from ages 12 to 95 years old.

We are looking to serve more in the coming years, and with this in mind, we ask all clubs to participate by orienting LION members regarding the Florida Lions Community Hearing Bank and by sending a club representative to attend our meetings. The public needs to be informed of this wonderful LION entity of which we are a part of.

SFLCHB is a 501C-3 organization and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

The Hearing bank welcomes the support of our fellow LIONS in the district to help us identify those who are in need of assistance by providing them with hearing aids.

We are proud of our accomplishments and we can do more with your support. We would like to share with you some excerpts from some of our patients expressing what our Lions Hearing bank had done for them.

“When the audiologist placed the hearing aid in my ear, I asked, what was that sound? The audiologist said after a minute of listening…the sound was the air conditioner. I had never heard it before! Thanks to all of you, I will have many new experiences to look forward to.”

I will be able to take part in conversations at work and be certain of instructions from my boss and co-workers. What a relief! From the bottom of my heart, let me say, words cannot describe my gratitude.Thanks to all the LIONS!”

The following is an unedited letter from a very happy recipient of hearing aids from the Florida Lions Community Hearing Bank.

"I want to thank you so very much for helping me get my hearing aides. The doctor and the office was a pleasure....they were very thorough on time and precise. The visit was a nice experience for me. After my initial visit,I was called to come for my fitting today as I was approved for receiving help for my significant hearing loss. I went for my fitting today..not expecting anything but a fitting.. and I was soo surprised that I was actually getting my hearing aides today.!!!!;))). I can really hear things now..I could not hear without them..the weather birds..the rain..words of songs..the spoken word especially... I have nice windchimes on my patio..I have not heard my chimes in many many years..I forgot that it was hanging above me on my fan..lol.. somethings are too loud..I will have to get used to them..adjust the volume control etc. When I got home..my grown daughter Crystal who lives with me with her 8 month old daughter..my grand daughter. .said I am talking differently. Her words...mommy you are talking like a normal person...lol...and then she was whispering (testing me )..I guess. And I could hear her..wow. .!!;))) We both had tears in our eyes...This is very emotional for me.... I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. The Lion club hearing bank is a wonderful gift to people in my situation. ..To be able to provide help to those like me who are financially strapped with no additional money to be able to get them on our own. I for one will be grateful forever..;))) My sincerest thanks to all of the members of the Lions club for making this a reality for me and my family. May God bless you all for the good things you do for our community..A very special thanks to Betty for handling all my paper work and for being so diligent about help-ing me..Not many in South Florida care to follow through and keep promises. .These are rare traits in today's sad society. .so my sincere thanks Betty..! ;)))) BARBARA... SMILING.FROM EAR TO EAR !! pardon the pun..;)))